Are You Lining Your Commercial General Contractor’s Pockets? Content provided by: Chuck Taylor, Director of Operations / Englewood Construction Management

I’ve got to ask, are you still competitively bidding the bulk of your commercial construction projects? Really, you are? Interesting … Sure, I know there will always be commercial developers who competitively bid all their projects, but from a commercial construction cost and timeline perspective, it pays to negotiate with a designated general contractor versus […]

Tips for Hiring a General Contractor for Your Commercial Construction Projects

Content provided by: G2 Builders, LLC Retail, office and medical space remodeling and construction projects can either be a smooth undertaking or a huge headache depending on what General Contractor you choose. Things can quickly turn for the worse if you select a company who has poor communication or if they fail to understand your […]

Design-Build – Construction Management – General Contractor

We do in house designing or will work directly with your Architect / Designer. By allowing us to be a part of the design team from the begining allows us to better control cost as well as eliminate any potential issues before construction begins. We can also build off of  existing plans you may already have. Lot purchase assistance, interior and exterior design, […]